I'm a sixteen year old girl drowning in a world consisting of daydreams & lovestorys

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The week's already over?

This has been a busy week, time nearly flew by..
As you may have realised there hasn't been any post this week & I'm absolutely sorry!
But I had a lot of stuff to do, like getting stuff done for my exchange with Opava in Czechs Repubilc.
We had to introduce ourselves using a presentation & self description..while doing that I found out a lot of things about myself.
Because if you're not paying any attention to the way you live & the different things you like you'll be surprised if you start thinking about it..

For example:
One question in the self description was which kind of music I like the most
On the one hand side I'm a freaky, mad, extreme fan girl of One Direction-really teenager like
However I also love Florence + The Machine or Macklemore, Mac Miller, Amber Pacific & Ed Sheeran..
Very different genres..
But there's truth & feelings in every part of their lyrics.
Maybe my music taste describes my life!
I'm not like that's my way! Everything has to work like I say it has to!
No! I do know what I want my life to be especially after having finished school but I'm still drowning in everyday life, social problems & really confusing events
Everything's a bit mixed-up..

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week Review

This week was absolutely awesome!
Not only 'cause we didn't have to go to school-due to the pretty thing called 'holiday'-but also because I had a really good time.

I went shopping with a truly dear friend.
First of all we did something like window shopping when suddenly I saw the watch I wished for, for so long! I had to go into that jewelry store immediately..
After trying on the marvellous watch I bought it outright. It was €54, so about £46.50 or $72.15
Besides I got my self a grey sweater, a rose-colored shirt & some golden collar badges which look like the wings of an angel...very cute ones I think..
We also watched the hilarious movie 'Schlussmacher' with the wonderful German actor Matthias Schweighöfer who I would call one of my favourite actors but who is unfortunately not known well enough in the rest of this world I guess. Maybe this will change soon-hopefully

The next day it was time for the Carnivalparade of my hometown.
I dressed myself as kind of a Princess, well not really as a normal princess but I wore a lovely golden crown.
As the parade has passed by I had a small, but nice job to do. In our gym a little carnival party for children took place & I had the fantastic task to put them on some carnival make-up.
Well what to say I really loved it! Even if I'm not good in things like that the kids were totally thankfull for everything they got painted on their faces

Wednesday I had my 'big day'!
Me & some of my best friends started our row of perfect dinners..
It already was Paula's & mine turn and I think I we did a pretty good job :)
But I already told something about this in my first post

I was forced to watch Star Wars III when it was on TV & contrary to my expectations I liked it! But that Anakin & Padme were seperated moved me to tears as well as the dramatic argument between Obi-Wan Kenobi & his pupil, later known as Darth Vader, when he decided to become a Sith

Now at the almost end of my week all i can say is it was gorgeous!

I'll finish off the week with the great movie ' The Blinde Side' now.
I love it!

Good night & sweet dreams

Better late than never

Just yet I realised I haven't even introduced myself!
So I guess it's time to tell something about me:
Well, my name's Verena, from Germany & the reason why I started blogging is easy to explain..
I want to get inspiration in lifestyle things & I also want to inspire you-well I hope I'll ;)
The things I'm going to blog about will be a lot of spare time activities, fashion, food, music, movies, books-In short my daily life
But that's not all! My blog will show you all the things i have to go through while i'm looking for the one & only sense of life

The idea of getting a blog was given by my friends which are well experienced because of tumblr and twitter etc. they told me it would be a lot of fun & so I decided to try it-as you see my friends are very convincing but also the best friends you could ask for :)
Wish me luck for my 'career'


My Life in Songs

There're a few songs that especially touch my heart at the moment..I'd like to share them with you, even if I have about no readers :D


Taio Cruz-Make It Last Forever

William Fitzsimmons-So This Is Goodbye

Taylor Swift-I Almost Do

Ed Sheeran-Small Bump

Florence & the Machine-What The Water Gave Me

The Bravery-Ours

Maybe you'll find the time to listen to all this amazing songs because that's the only way to understand why they mean so much to me...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Perfect Dinner No. 1 & 2

Lately me and my lovely friends Tini, Alex & Paula decided to reenact the show 'The Perfect Dinner'
So last Wednesday it was my turn, although it was a lot of work it was very, very nice to see that everyone had a nice evening & enjoyed my food!
I'm very excited about how many points I've reached ;)

This evening Paula made a totally delicious dinner!
We really enjoyed ourselves, laughed a lot-like always-talked about nearly everything and had a really good time!
Paula not only put a lot of work in her menu but also tinkered some beautiful seating cards..