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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The week's already over?

This has been a busy week, time nearly flew by..
As you may have realised there hasn't been any post this week & I'm absolutely sorry!
But I had a lot of stuff to do, like getting stuff done for my exchange with Opava in Czechs Repubilc.
We had to introduce ourselves using a presentation & self description..while doing that I found out a lot of things about myself.
Because if you're not paying any attention to the way you live & the different things you like you'll be surprised if you start thinking about it..

For example:
One question in the self description was which kind of music I like the most
On the one hand side I'm a freaky, mad, extreme fan girl of One Direction-really teenager like
However I also love Florence + The Machine or Macklemore, Mac Miller, Amber Pacific & Ed Sheeran..
Very different genres..
But there's truth & feelings in every part of their lyrics.
Maybe my music taste describes my life!
I'm not like that's my way! Everything has to work like I say it has to!
No! I do know what I want my life to be especially after having finished school but I'm still drowning in everyday life, social problems & really confusing events
Everything's a bit mixed-up..

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