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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Better late than never

Just yet I realised I haven't even introduced myself!
So I guess it's time to tell something about me:
Well, my name's Verena, from Germany & the reason why I started blogging is easy to explain..
I want to get inspiration in lifestyle things & I also want to inspire you-well I hope I'll ;)
The things I'm going to blog about will be a lot of spare time activities, fashion, food, music, movies, books-In short my daily life
But that's not all! My blog will show you all the things i have to go through while i'm looking for the one & only sense of life

The idea of getting a blog was given by my friends which are well experienced because of tumblr and twitter etc. they told me it would be a lot of fun & so I decided to try it-as you see my friends are very convincing but also the best friends you could ask for :)
Wish me luck for my 'career'


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